The setting up of a business often requires more than a good idea but also a lot of dedication and resources. Furthermore, a massive amount of bureaucracy is involved with various government offices such as for filling out application forms and fulfilling regulations and standards.

These hurdles are very commonly a large challenge for German entrepreneurs. However, overcoming these hurdles along the path to setting up a successful business in Germany may be an even larger problem for foreigners who may lack the understanding of the local mentality of government offices and the business culture or even lack the required language skills. Nonetheless, with proper support and assistance, foreigners have succeeded in setting up shop in Germany and have for example become an important economic and social factor in Leipzig, making the city much more vibrant and diverse.

The EGZ has been consulting and advising founders and startups since 1994. We also consult and advise entrepreneurs and business owners who are foreigners in Germany. Our clients receive a combination of advisory, training, consulting and other services through our network of experienced business specialists. Our broad network of consultants allows us to offer you individual but multifaceted solutions for your business needs. We chose the work-together approach with our clients to ensure the most viable and efficient results.

Our Services

Our employees and members of our expert network provide you with the practical business know-how and combine this with custom tailored support to exactly fit your needs during the business foundation process.

  • Language assistance and support in English, Russian or Arabic
  • Preparing the formalities for setting up a business in Germany and meeting the requirements of government offices
  • Consultancy services before, during and after the founding of the business
  • Information and assistance with working permits and visa requirements
  • Consultation regarding financing the business and applying for loans
  • Consultation regarding marketing, customer acquisition and sales and distribution
  • Consultation regarding legal and tax matters

We also provide assistance in producing and developing your business plan including the creation of a realistic profitability forecast (RoI) and investment plan. Additional support and consultancy services can be determined during the initial consultation session.

Initial Consultation

Our free initial consultation session is designed to analyze your needs regarding starting a business. In addition to answering your questions, we explain to you in detail which steps are needed to start a business in Germany and offer you concrete advice on next steps based on your current situation. The general procedure of our business founding consulting:

  1. Free Initial Consultation Session
    Together with you, we analyze the requirements needed for starting a business in Germany. We explain to you the complete process and provide information on next steps. We also provide information on financing your business idea and proper registration of a corporate entity.
  2. Business Consultation and Support
    We answer your questions and together with you, we solve any of your business problems. Our consulting services also cover the founding of a new business, the takeover of a business and the merging of businesses.
  3. Services
    Our network and cooperation partners support entrepreneurs and young businesses through a wide variety of tailor made solutions from accounting and bookkeeping services, legal and tax advisory all the way to marketing services such corporate identity development and web design.

Additional Information about the Consultancy Services

There are several funding incentives available which support entrepreneurs and business owners by providing partial funding of consultancy fees. Feel free to contact us to find out how you can qualify.

A Summary of the Services in our Network

We and our network of partners also provide business consultancy services for entrepreneurs after the foundation phase and for already established businesses.

Here is a summary of our business consultancy services for you:

  • accounting and bookkeeping services
  • web design und website programming
  • SEO und online marketing advisory services
  • Brand and corporate identity development
  • support in financing and investment planning issues
  • personnel planning and recruitment
  • business training
  • legal advisory services
  • tax advisory services
  • correspondence support with government offices and German bureaucracy
  • assistance with working permits and visa requirement issues

Feel free to contact us if you have any other question regarding founding a business in Germany.

Contact Information

Address: Saarländerstr. 17 04179 Leipzig
Tel: +49 (0) 341 49 56 70 9
Fax: +49 (0) 341 49 56 70 7

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